Insights into Java Server Faces


MultiValidator component allows validation across multiple input fields

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JSF provides validation, you can even attach multiple validators to a single input component. But it does not (yet?) support validation across multiple input components. To address this shortcoming we developed a MultiValidator component.  (more…)



Reduce server side state size with JSF 1.2 and Facelets by 30-60%

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Beside his appointments at Jazoon 2009 we had the opportunity to have Ed Burns at our office in Credit Suisse (CS) to work on some suggenstions regarding JSF improvements. After a short discussion it was agreed that there is only one point to look at on the currently used JSF 1.2 and Facelets – the other improvements will most likely be covered by JSF 2.0 or would have to be looked into later. (more…)


using a custom Lifecycle implementation to handle Exceptions in JSF 1.2

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Real application need to handle unexpected Exceptions in a save way by e.g. render an error page and behave according to the type of exception (some exceptions might allow to show a message and continue with the application, other might need to terminate the session). JSF 2.0 will provide exception handling support, but you can also handle exceptions before JSF 2.0 using a custom lifecycle as shown below.



Using Custom factories or howto wrap FacesContext and ExternalContext in JSF 1.2

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Sometimes you need to wrap FacesContext or even ExternalContext. For our component library we have several needs to do so – e.g. add custom logic to RequestParameterMap or SessionMap. In JSF 1.2 ExternalContext cannot be wrapped directly – one needs to wrap FacesContext to hook in a wrapped ExternalContext.


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