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Howto use PreRenderViewEvent on a component or any managed bean

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JSF 2.0 introduced many events, one of it is javax.faces.event.PreRenderViewEvent. But there is a pitfall – listeners for this event are registered in application scope. Therfore one must be very carefull to not subscribe any UIComponent or managed bean as listener for PreRenderViewEvent. However, sometimes it’s required to do something during PreRenderViewEvent processing on a UIComponent – for example modify the completely built component tree e.g. using some rules.

We need something to decouple the application scoped PreRenderViewEvent listener from the UIComponent’s or scoped managed beans. For this I created a PreRenderViewEventMediator – an application scoped listener to PreRenderViewEvent to mediate the event to request scoped subscribed PreRenderViewEventListener – an additional interface that must be implemented by subscribers for the mediated PreRenderViewEvent. To get this working PreRenderViewEventMediator must be configured to subscribe to PreRenderViewEvent – using faces-config.xml (iin current JSF 2.1.x @ListenerFor did not work) – e.g.:


Now any class that wants to subsribe to PreRenderViewEvent may simply use PreRenderViewEventMediator.subscribe(this); – as shown in the SimpleListener below. Unsubscribe is not necessary since PreRenderViewEventMediator manages the subscribed listeners on request scope –

public class SimpleListener implements PreRenderViewEventListener {

  public void subsribe() {

  public void processPreRenderViewEvent(FacesContext jsf) {
    // do what need to be done during PreRenderViewEvent processing

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